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Security Management
System Design Parameters

System Objectives:
Before designing an integrated Security Management System, it is essential to first define the objectives. What should the system accomplish? Is it used for general control of access and area surveillance or more definitive restriction and control of activity, and for monitoring property movement? Is there a need to record the activity and, if so, is the recording continual or focused on a certain activity?

  • Facility Protection
  • Life Safety Issues
  • Visible Deterrent
  • Property and Asset Control
  • Audit Trail
  • Identification of Individuals
  • Access Verification
  • Trap Area Detection
  • Observation of Personnel and Vehicles
  • Evaluation of Alarm Conditions

Depending on objectives, certain requirements can be simply identified, such as the monitoring and recording of signals. Since the highest cost in maintaining security is manpower, anything that can reduce this unpredictable cost needs to be evaluated. Access control and video surveillance offer several advantages to any electronic security management system. Both are used to assist human assessment of a situation or reduce the need for additional manpower to monitor a facility. As both CCTV and Access control have become more reliable and less expensive, they are now a far more cost-effective tool in managing any property.

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